Ragamuffin Alley

Ragamuffin Alley was published in 1951.

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From Kirkus Review
“A friendly, congenial story about a happily assorted group of young people, and their unusual cooperative project. Marcy Drake at seventeen was appropriately restless and unhappy as is usual with seventeeners deprived of college and not yet settled on a future career, and the dingy little street known as Ragamuffin Alley tacked in the midst of Philadelphia seemed a dead-end street. But when the young men who board at her mother’s house — an unsuccessful designer, a ceramist and a wrestler, together with a sleek, young woman named Folly, forget their troubles and differences in the developing of a puppet theatre, Marcy seems on the way to self-confidence and a purpose in life. Folly’s transformation from gold-digger to a nice young person in love, and a promise of future boy interest for Marcy add to teen-age appeal. The boarders on Ragamuffin Alley are a jolly group worth knowing.”

Cast of Characters: (still needed)

Rafamuffin Alley

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