Witchs Silver

Witch’s Silver was published in 1959.

A Young women from the “poor side of town” is in love with a “Rich” boy. Who surprisingly loves her right back however, his family does not approve and the young woman feels inadequate to be his wife. Then her grandmother gives her a pre-wedding gift, a diary of a long ago ancestor. The grandmother insists that the young women read about her name-sake and hopes that by learning of her ancestors trials and her triumphs maybe the young lady will finally learn that she has much to offer her chosen young man. The prologue of the story is set in present day 1950s on a small island outside of Massachusetts while the bulk of the tale is set during the 1700s in Boston. What could an 19 year old ancestor from 200 years in the past teach an awkward 18 year old in the present? Read it and find out!

Cast of Characters:
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