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Sadly, there is no new updates or news for my fellow Dorothy Gilman fans. We haven’t received any email updates on getting some more of the Dorothy Gilman/Mrs. Pollifax books in eBook format. We have updated the website and deleted the Bookstore page as Amazon no longer supports that function. I have updated each of the pages and hopefully haven’t missed anything that links to the old page. We would like to get some fan fiction to share with our fellow fans.

For now we have posted some of the emails we have gotten from other fans that you might enjoy and comment on.

From Your Fellow Fans:

Joan Wysong
Dorothy Gilman’s book _Caravan is without any doubt my favorite book of all time. It has everything I love in a book, adventure, suspense, some mysticism, and a WONDERFUL love story. My local library couldn’t find the recorded book in the system so they actually bought two copies, (just for me). It is a lovely recording and I’ve listened to it over and over. Roslyn Alexander’s voice is so relaxing I always listen to it before going to sleep at night. I wish Incident at Badamaya was recorded by her as well. Considering Caravan, I am amazed at the research she went through to write it. I think I will go back and re-read the Polifax mysteries. However, I believe her stand alone novels are her best. Thales Folly is wonderful, as well as Uncertain Voyage. I’m a fan. Joan Wysong

I am a devoted reader of all books Dorothy Gilman. Started with a book of one of Mrs. Pollifax and had to have every single one. Of course it helped immensely that I too was born and raised in New Brunswick, N.J. Anyway, today bought a lovely hard cover with dust jacket of Caravan. I always buy extras when I find one of her books. Inside, to my delight, I see on the top of the front page…’with best wishes, (next line) Dorothy Gilman’ I can only hope this is her signature but where could I find a copy of one to make a comparison. It seems to be definitively done. Thanking you in advance for any help you might extend….Victoria.

Vincent Munch
On The Elusive Mrs. Pollifax, she drives I didn’t know she had a license! Did she drive in any other book?

She did drive in a couple of different books including Mrs. Pollifax and the Whirling Dervish, Mrs. Pollifax Pursued and a couple of others. She even flies a helicopter (without a license).

Till next time, keep reading.

Spring is Coming Get Your eBooks Ready

Spring is coming and we are getting ready to spend more time out of doors (we hope) in good weather picnicking, camping, traveling and just getting out in the fresh air. We will be bringing our smartphones and/or eBook reading devices as well. Because their nothing more relaxing than being able to sit in your lawn chair and reading a good book. To that end I have written to Penquin/RandomHouse to see when they expect to release the remainder of our favorite authors stories in eBook format. I don’t know when or even if I will get a response so all of my fellow fans may need to email them and ask as well to: They have set up an author page for her as well on their website with a “Sign-Up for this author updates” newsletter so I signed up for that as well:

We have received a couple of emails from our fellow fans that have prompted me to check on this again. Below are both of them. We love to hear from our fellow Dorothy Gilman fans so keep them coming and we will post some of them to our News Update page as well.

Susan Shea
Subject Mrs Pollifax books 8 and on in Kindle form
December 31, 2016 at 9:29 am
Does anyone know anything about the kindle series of the Mrs Pollifax books? I was happily re- reading the series in order – this time in Kindle form for travel convenience and found that it stops at book 7 – I realize the last one is out as well, but am frustrated that I can’t collect the ones in between. Any idea who owns the rights and if they are planning on releasing the rest? I would love to campaign for this event just in case…… It has been decades since I first read, loved, and collected the books in the series, but time and moves have depleted my collection down to a couple of actual books. Suppose I could start again with used, but truthfully, this is one area where having them all on kindle to re-read at will anywhere would be nice. Any info that is out there on this is appreciated.

Thanks Susan for your email and we hope to have an update about this soon.

Joyce C Wicks
Subject I love Mrs. Pollifax!
February 12, 2017 at 8:53 pm
I LOVE the Mrs. Pollifax series of books by Dorothy Gilman Butters. I’m almost done reading Mrs. Pollifax and the Whirling Dervish.” My daughter got me started on these books and I’ve been reading them every since. It’s not usually the type of book that I read, but I’m completely hooked. So much mystery, history, comedy and with a little romance thrown in. I got part of them on Audible and the best Mrs. Pollifax books are those read by Barbara Rosenblatt. She is really good! I loved Gilman’s book, “The Nun in the Closet.” It was so good and also funny. Dorothy Gilman Butters died in 2012. I so wish someone would continue the series about Mrs. Pollifax the Spy. Also wish someone would continue her one book about the nuns. It seems there should be more to it. I think the nuns would make a good series too 🙂

Thanks for you email Joyce. I love to re-read all of Dorothy Gilman’s books at lease once a year. You know you forget something in the stories or discover other things that you may have missed previously. We have always encouraged our fellow fans to write some fan fiction with their favorite Gilman characters and would love to post them here for all of us to enjoy. You cannot get paid for continuing a story line by another author but you can post fan fiction on sites like ours for recognition only. Who knows, there may be a literary agent or publisher checking out our website and find your stories engaging enough to have you write your own stories for them!

Till next time. Keep those emails coming and keep pestering the publishing house to get the rest of our favorite author’s books released in eBook format!

Happy Holidays Fellow Fans

Happy Holidays to all the Dorothy Gilman Fans out there. We hope you and yours have a safe and happy holiday season!

We have had a pretty slow year here at the Dorothy Gilman Fan Site but hope to have more activity in the future. Please remember that we are a fan site only and want to encourage our fellow fans to share their love the the characters and stories created by this wonderful author. If you have fan fiction or fan art we would love to share it with our fellow fans here on the website. Please use our CONTACT US page to let us know about what you would like to share and we will get it posted on the site as soon as possible. Our fan site will only be as active as our fellow fans want it to be. So keep in touch.

We have had some problems with the site and the web hosting provider over the last several months as they have moved our website onto more secure web server. We have been told that they have completed their move and everything should be working as it should. We are still learning the new hosting software and email account webmail. I have finally gotten that figured out and will be able to check it more regularly in the coming year. This year we have changed the layout and look of the website as well to make it more mobile user friendly and may have lost a feature on two in the side panels so let us know if you notice anything missing. All of the posts and pages should be fine though.

Again, we wish you and yours a safe and happy holiday season and look forward to hearing from you in the coming year!

New Look for Our Site

DorothyGilmanPic512We have had some problems with our old server and web hosting for this website. We have finally gotten everything moved over and, hopefully, all the pictures and links are now working properly. So take a look around and let us know what you think. We are still looking for fan fiction, fan art, etc. that involves any of the Dorothy Gilman characters and story lines she has created. You can send those directly to our email address in either a text file or WORD document so that we can post them here on the Fan Fiction page and a blog post announcing them. Send your stories, news, pictures directly to our email account at: jolene dot macfadden at mrspollifax dot com

We have updated a few of the pages with more information and are still working on providing more content about the books, characters, etc. If you would like to help us with that we would gladly appreciate your assistance. Just copy and past your updated books synopsis, character lists or what have you to our comments section in our CONTACT US form. We will post updates in the News and Updates blog posts after we receive them.

Updates on eBooks
Dorothy Gilman Author Page Buy Dorothy Gilman books directly from her Author Page on Amazon.

Random House Publishing was the original eBook publishers for Dorothy Gilman’s books in 2014. (I don’t know how I missed that one folks). And they sent them out to the various resellers listed below. If you hear of any of these resellers offering the other stories in eBook format we hope you will give us a shout out and let us know.

Dorothy Gilman Books (eBooks) from Barnes and Noble.

We found the eBooks as well as the audiobooks available on our iTunes store. Those you have to purchase within the iTunes software program.

If your local library participates with Overdrive they can purchase the available eBooks from them or you can even purchase them yourself through your library account.

Books a Million has 12 of her books available in eBook format as well as paperback for most of the others in the Mrs Pollifax Series and Non-Series books. We are still waiting on on the remainder of her stories to be published in eBook format.

Google Play also has the eBooks available on their website.

And finally, if you are a KOBO subscriber you can purchase her eBooks directly from their online store too.

Mrs Pollifax on Amazon Kindle

Mrs Pollifax Series Books 1 to 7
Mrs Pollifax Series Books 1 to 7

Happy Day more of Dorothy Gilman’s stories have been put in eBook format and are available on Amazon Kindle. If you have a library card your local library may have purchased them on Overdrive. If not then you may want to petition them to purchase them as soon as you can. Amazon is charging the same price for the eBooks as the new paperbacks which doesn’t really seem fair but whatever. I just hope the publishing company will go ahead and produce the rest of her books in eBook format as well. Below is a listing of the ones currently available on Amazon:
Continue reading “Mrs Pollifax on Amazon Kindle”

Happy Holidays and Movie Update

DecemberHolidayPicsHappy Holidays and we have a movie update for the fans of the Mrs Pollifax series. Amazon now has the original movie available for digital download or rental. This is great news for us Dorothy Gilman fans. We have updated our aStore page with links to this version of the movie and some of the movie memorabilia that is currently being offered as well. We hope all our readers will have a great holiday and be safe if you are traveling.

There is really no other news to impart at this time. We are still looking for submissions of Fan Fiction, Fan Art as well as open discussions about any of the books written by our favorite author. We do hope you will get in touch after the holidays so that we can add more great content to the site. We could still use more book descriptions on a few of the books and are always willing to update the ones we do have with newer, more in-depth content. Just use our CONTACT US form to make your submissions and we will get them posted as soon as we can.

We are also still looking for book retailers offering more of Dorothy Gilman’s books in eBook format, where fans who don’t speak English might get copies in other languages, etc. Again use the Contact Us form to let us know where they can be found online.

Looking forward to hearing from you in the coming year!

Buy or Rent a copy of the original Mrs Pollifax Movie starring Rosalind Russell and Darren McGavin



Finally Unexpected Mrs P on YouTube

AngelaLansburyAsMrsPollifaxFinally received an email that someone has uploaded a copy of the television movie the Unexpected Mrs Pollifax starring Angela Lansbury. The quality of the movie copy is not very good and it is separated into 6 parts. But all of us Dorothy Gilman’s fans would like to thank Chris Johnson for taking the time to upload this video. It may not be online for long so you might want to view it today! Of course, I have added the links to the 6 parts on our Movies page.

Sorry it has taken me so long to post updates to the website but I have been keeping it maintained and hope to post more in the future. We are still looking for FAN FICTION, FAN ART and would like to have more discussions about the books, story lines and any stories you would like to share with us fellow fans about the author, how her stories have affected you over the years, and even story ideas for your favorite characters.
Continue reading “Finally Unexpected Mrs P on YouTube”

Tightrope Walker – Again

Tightrope Walker
Tightrope Walker
I am in the process of re-reading all of Dorothy Gilman’s books again this year. I usually try to read all of them at least once a year or so but with my mom and I traveling in our old RV we couldn’t bring our book collection with us. So, as we get volunteer assignments in our Florida State Parks we visit the local libraries who, graciously, allow us to get a library card and check out books and movies since we are volunteering in the area for at least 3 to 4 months. And right now our assignments are lined up in the area over the next 8 months. Anyway, today I re-read the Tightrope Walker. A book published in 1979 by Dorothy Gilman. It is still consider a “cozy” mystery story and a stand-alone book or not in a series. Although, that might not be strictly true. More on that later.

It’s nice to re-read old stories you have enjoyed in the past. Not only are you refreshing your memory about the story you just might learn something new you missed the first time around. In the story the main character is Amelia Jones, a young women who has experienced more trauma and despair in her life than most of us do, yet she is still plugging along. Continue reading “Tightrope Walker – Again”