Mrs Pollifax Unveiled

Mrs Pollifax Unveiled
Mrs Pollifax Unveiled

Mrs. Pollifax Unveiled was Published in 2000

The last book in the series. After facing down hijackers on a flight to the Middle East and saving the lives of the passengers on board, a young American woman steps off the plane in Damascus in a blaze of celebrity and disappears….. The CIA believes Amanda Pym was kidnapped, possibly murdered. Masquerading as Amanda Pym’s worried aunt, Mrs. Pollifax begins her determined search, slipping through Damascus’s crooked streets and crowded souks….and trekking deep into the desert. Yet she is shadowed by deadly enemies, whose sinister agenda threatens not only Mrs. P. but the fragile stability of the entire Middle East. Only a miracle – – or brilliant counter-plot — can forestall a disaster that will send shock waves around the world.

List of Characters:
Mrs. Emily Pollifax-Reed – CIA Courier
Amanda Pym – Kidnapped victim and Emily’s assignment

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