Carnival Gypsy Reading

Carnival Gypsy Reading

One of the other out-of-print books that I have always wanted to read written by Dorothy Gilman was her Carnival Gypsy. It was published in 1950 and was part of the Starlight Book Series. As with Enchanted Caravan published in Read More

Enchanted Caravan

More About Enchanted Caravan

I have posted that I found a nice copy of the “Enchanted Caravan” that was published in 1949 as part of the Starlight Girl Novel series. I think that all of her stories should be published in eBook format and Read More

Something New With Mrs Pollifax

Something New With Mrs Pollifax

There is something new with the Mrs. Pollifax series. Did you know that there is a UK company redesigning her book covers and re-releasing the entire series beginning in July 2020 and finishing up this month in 2022? Well, I Read More

How About a Box Set

How About a Box Set

I would like to get my fellow Dorothy Gilman’s Fans reaction to the following: “How About a Box Set of all of her earlier works? Now this should be released in paperback (possibly even hardback) and eBook format. Of course, Read More

Don't You Just Love Fall

Don’t You Just Love Fall

I don’t know about you but I just love Fall. Yes, I live in Florida and even in North Florida, we do not get as many of the dramatic color changes you will see in other parts of the country. Read More

Newspaper Article 1966

News Article from 1966

The Central New Jersey Home News News Article from April 3, 1966 WIN HIS PRAISE: Retired athletic director Chet Redshaw, an avid reader for as long as he can remember and devoted to detective stories, is touting “The Unexpected Mrs. Read More

Time to Re-Read Favorites

Time to Re-Read Your Favorites

Hello, and Happy New Year everyone! Well, it is that time of year to re-read your favorites of the Dorothy Gilman vast booklist. She wrote and published books for almost 70 years. From here early teen-age stories and children’s stories Read More