Ten Leagues to Boston Town

Ten Leagues to Boston Town was published in 1963.

“Deborah and Ben Parker are to travel to Boston after spending time tending the family farm during their father’s illness. The two take a perilous journey from the farm to Boston, not knowing who they can trust and ill-prepared for the unexpected dangers on the road.” [Description attributed to: http://webcas.cas.suffolk.edu/richman/Boston/bosbib.htm]

From Kirkus Review
“Ten leagues to Boston town seems more like ten thousand, each one fraught with danger, intrigue and dark complication in this outlandish story of two teenagers, Deborah and Ben Parker, who start out on horseback from their farm in Massachusetts to join their ailing father in Boston. The trail, though long and cold, is hardly deserted. In fact it is crowded with would-be counterfeiters, servants on the run, masters chasing them, Indians, impoverished students and phony parsons. In the midst of determining who are the heroes and who the villains, the young heroine has time to fall in love, help capture the counterfeiters, release their prisoner, return the illegal tender and reach her destination. (Ben makes it too.) Despite the early American setting and a potentially suspenseful situation, the plot is too far out of the range of possibility to win devoted readers.”

Cast of Characters:

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