The Maze in the Heart of the Castle

The Maze in the Heart of the Castle was published in 1983.

He was only sixteen when tragedy struck….His name is Colin, and although he still couldn’t believe it, his parents were gone, both dead from the plague. Scared, confused, and angry, he sought out a monk who told him about a haunted castle on Rheembeck Mountain—And the old, strange wizard who lived there. Perhaps there Colin would find a way to stop his pain.

But instead of answers, the wizard showed him a locked oak door. Beyond it lay an ancient stone maze that led to a mystical land, a place where bandits roamed freely, where people lived within dark caves, afraid of the light, where cruelty was the way of the world, and where beautiful girls were not always what they seemed.

The wizard opened the oak door and invited Colin to enter. If Colin came through this strange place alive, he might indeed be able to ease the pain in his heart. But once inside, there could be no going back…

Cast of Characters:

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  1. I’ve been wanting to read this book for a long time. I have tried to find somewhere to buy a reading copy, but no luck! Any suggestions? I’ve tried several on-line sites, but if they are available, the prices are quite high!

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