A Palm for Mrs Pollifax

A Palm for Mrs Pollifax
A Palm for Mrs Pollifax

A Palm for Mrs. Pollifax was published in 1973

Fourth in the series. “What we are looking for — aside from the stolen plutonium, Mrs. Pollifax — is evil in its purest form.”

Mrs. Pollifax was leading a very full life; garden club, karate, yoga, — and a little spying now and then. This time the mysterious Mr. Carstairs sent her to Switzerland — to a famous health resort where the world’s intelligence agents had gathered. The mission: to track down a missing package of plutonium, just enough to make a small atom bomb….it was a job that suited Mrs. Pollifax’s talents. She was good with people — and good at sniffing out their secrets. But it was not until she became enchanted with Robin, the young jewel thief, that her new adventure really began….

Cast of Characters:
Mrs. Emily Pollifax – Retired Widow and CIA Courier
William Carstairs – Head of CIA
Bishop – Carstair’s Assistant

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