The Amazing Mrs Pollifax

The Amazing Mrs Pollifax
The Amazing Mrs Pollifax

The Amazing Mrs Pollifax was published in 1970

Second in the series. When Emily Pollifax answered the phone that Sunday morning she quickly forgot about her garden club tea in the afternoon. The last time she had heard the voice on the other end of the line it had sent her off on a journey that plunged her into a wild tangle of secret agents and high adventure. Now the man from the CIA was asking if she could leave immediately on a mission that would take her halfway across the world. What could Mrs. Pollifax say but yes?

After her first adventure, Mrs. Pollifax figured she’d never hear from the CIA again. Naturally, when Mr. Carstairs calls and asks her to do another bit of courier work, she’s surprised. After a moment of hesitation, she recklessly agrees to go. And this time, Carstairs is taking no chances. He’s assigning another agent to follow Mrs. Pollifax around and keep her out of trouble.

A notorious Soviet agent has recently defected, and Mrs. Pollifax is to go to Turkey to meet her, give her a fake passport, and help her get to US soil. Naturally, every agency in the world is after this agent, so the danger will be fierce. Mrs. Pollifax’s one advantage is that she knows where the agent will appear.

Her first night in Turkey, Mrs. Pollifax makes contact, only to be arrested moments later by the local police. Then her shadow is murdered. Alone in a foreign land, Mrs. Pollifax has only her instincts and Colin, a young man she just happened to meet, to help her. Can she get herself and the agent safely back to the States? (attributed by: )

Cast of Characters:
Emily Pollifax
William Carstairs – Head of CIA A.K.A. Black Jack
Magda Ferenci-Sabo – Double Agent A.K.A. Alice Dexter White
Lorvale Brown – Retired Police Sergeant (Emily’s Karate Instructor)
Miss Hartshorne – Emily’s neighbor
Lieutenant Mullin – New Brunswick Police
Henry Miles – Carstairs’ Man to watch over Emily
Dr. Guillaume Belleaux – Noted Criminologist in Istanbul
Colin Ramsey – Apprentice Photographer/Videographer for his Uncle Hu in Istanbul
Mia Ramsey – Future Model and Colin’s Sister
Hubert Ludlow Ramsey, Esq. – Istanbul’s Leading Documentary Photographer/Videographer
Stefan – Henchmen 1
Otto – Henchmen 2

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