A New Kind of Country

A New Kind Of Country
A New Kind Of Country

A New Kind of Country was published in 1978

This thought to be an autobiographical book about Ms. Gilman. After her divorce she decides to move to Nova Scotia and describes her transition from raising two children to living alone and enjoying it. This book gets into a lot of philosophy. Kind of a slow read in some places but on the whole you get a sense of where the characters in her books come from.

Cast of Characters:

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  1. First, I suspect I have not come to Dorothy Gilman by the usual way, i.e., via Mrs. Pollifax. I picked up this book in the biography section of our local library, and was intrigued to find it was a journal of her retreat from a busy writer’s life in New York state to a very small town in Nova Scotia. I’m planning a motorcycle trip through the Canadian Maritime Provinces this summer, and her descriptions of life there caught my fancy. To encounter references to Thoreau and Gurdjieff in these gentle pages convinced me that I had tapped into the musings of an observant and sensitive truth-seeker. I doubt that I will become a Mrs. Pollufax devotee, but I shall declare myself a fan of Dorothy Gilman.

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