Kaleidoscope was released in 2002. 

It is about the continuing adventures of our the beloved character Madame Karitska.  Set in the fictional town of Trafton approximately 1 year after the Clairvoyant Countess story. There are about six different stories or mysteries happening throughout the book that Madame Karitska must solve and of course at least 50 characters moving in and out of the different story lines.

First, we have a Diamond Merchant that the Countess knows from her past suddenly appearing and disappearing on a train but leaves her a violin case. The countess needs to solve the case of the hit-n-run victim. Then, we have a wealthy citizen who may have been murdered by an orphaned deaf and mute child during one of her sponsored visits to the wealthy couples home. Next, comes the story of a young artistic mother who is being terrorized by her husband who wants her and her child join him in a cult community. Mr Faber-Jones is having trouble with his daughter and Madame Karitska comes to the rescue but tells him he cannot contact her in anyway for 1 week. A Travel Writer is being murder in Trafton from a small village in Africa. Madame Karitska’s neighbor has a young autistic boy who may have had a curse put on him. Another new neighbor is a writer and wants help with a box of things her mother willed to her that contains articles belonging to a famous actress. The FBI is looking for a terrorist cell while uncovering the sinister goings on at the cult compound. And finally, a carnival fortune teller is in big trouble and the Countess comes to the rescue.

The stories are interwoven within each other and solved one-by-one. The action is fast-paced and I couldn’t put the book down even though it was my third or fourth time reading it.

Main Cast of Characters:
Countess Marina Elena Provotchnichet Gaylord Von Domm Karitska
Detective Lieutenant Pruden
Margolies – Police Detective
Sreja Zagredi – Secondhand Furniture Owner
George Verlag – Diamond Salesman and former friend of Madame Karitska’s first or second husband
Betsy Oliver – Artist Client
Arthur Oliver a.k.a Alpha – Client’s Husband, member of cult
Alice Oliver – Daughter of the Oliver’s
Sergeant O’Hare – 4th Precinct
Mr and Mrs Jean Cahn – Parents of Hit-n-Run victim
Darlene Cahn – hit-n-run victim
Professor Robert Blake – Professor of Darlene Cahn and hit-n-run witness
Ginny Voorhees – Roommate to Hit-n-run victim
Kristan Seversky – Madame Karitska’s Landlord and painter
Jenny – Deaf and Mute Child
Mrs Hobson – Manager of Home for Disabled Children
Jan Cooner Huer – Lt. Pruden’s Financee and a Psychologist at Home for Disabled Children (fellow psychic)
John Epworth – Trafton’s wealthy citizen and supporter of Home for Disabled Children
Joanna Warren Epworth – John’s wife
Abby Jacoby – Former neighbor to Joanna Warren
Rick O’Hara – Joanna Warren’s former boyfriend
Louise Devoe – Child Psychologist at the Settlement Home
Everett Harbinger – Mr. Epworth’s Attorney
Amos Herzog – Former Jewel Thief and writer (romantic interest in Madame Karitska)
Frankie the Ferret – small time criminal following George Verlog
Jake Bodley – Head of the local criminal gang
Daniel Henry – owner of Help Save Tomorrow Store
Luca Cialini – Autistic Boy with special music talent may have been cursed (neighbor of Madame Karitska)
Mr. and Mrs Cialini – Madame Karitska’s neighbors and parents to Luca
Rosetta Dellaripa – a reported witch who put a curse on Luca
Mr. Polonius Faber-Jones – Recorder Producer (Psychic)
John Painter – Singer/Songwriter
Laurie Faber-Jones – Daughter of Mr. Faber-Jones
Derek – Recruiter for the Guardian of Eden cult
Jason Hendricks – Travel Writer
Dr. Idowi – African American Doctor
Colin Birchwood – Peace Corp Volunteer and friend of Jason Hendricks
Funtua – African Friend to Colin Birchwood
Tonya Jamison – Manager of Pisces Records and employed by Mr. Faber-Jones
Roger Gillespie – Former CIA Agent
John Mayfield – Brinks Guard
Brother John (A.K.A. Charley Schumacher) Leader of Guardian of Eden
Joe Witokski – Electrician for Guardian of Eden
Kate Margus – Writer and new neighbor to Madame Karitska
Charmain Cooper – Famous Actress from of Kate’s Mother
Ellen Margus – Kate’s mother
Max Saberhagen – Owner of Carnival
Shana – Fortune Teller

Now available in eBook format

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